An advocate to advance your energy future


An advocate to advance your energy future


Black Bear is a technology enabled services business that competitively sources energy projects to client specifications. We employ organization, competition and expertise to deliver projects on your terms.


We help you navigate a project from concept to completion

We have some of the most experienced professionals in the industry to help you through procurement, negotiation and construction.


Black Bear can help you reduce your building’s energy cost, rent your rooftop or parking lot, or invest in your own solar project. We structure the project to your needs and make the market compete for your business.


Energy storage can save you money by greatly reducing your demand charges. We will help you locate and execute on your viable projects.

Community Solar

If you would like to reduce your energy costs but do not have space onsite for solar, we can connect you with the right community solar projects to save you money.


LEDs can make sense in all of your properties. The efficiency of your current lighting system determines achievable savings. Roll out a portfolio-wide procurement, or target a handful of low energy performers.


Creating additional value from your existing portfolio

Lower Utility Costs

Use new energy technology to reduce the utility spend at your sites

Increase Rent

Channel the energy value created into a lease to grow rent


At Black Bear, we view our product as an informed decision. As your full service outsourced energy procurement team, we identify your energy opportunities and then provide market pricing and terms that inform your choice of provider and technology. Finally, we help you navigate contract negotiation and oversee construction to ensure successful project delivery.


We analyze your sites to identify the best energy solutions based on programs, policies and our recent procurements.


Market based terms specific to your projects are competitively procured and presented for your decision.


Contracts for your selected projects are negotiated and construction monitored.


We work with all size clients and across all property types